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Discover a unique way of using our senses to see God in the moment through literal and figurative symbols

"This book is concise and heartfelt. the metaphors are a simple way of focusing on the spiritual through events of everyday life." 
– Lucille Davino

"Bob focuses on the daily life and how metaphors all around us point to God. In the end, when I read these short musings, I find myself focusing on God and seeing Him in more places than I realized. Thanks BOB!"
- David Devine

"Easy to read pithy chunks of wisdom and devotion with great metaphors that get you thinking (and praying and meditating and contemplating). Recommended!"
- Kristina Pollard


Meet Bob

Drawing upon three decades in the field of hearing, Robert J. LaCosta explicitly confronts this era’s apparent chasm between God and man by steering people through their senses to understand the multitude of metaphors that The Lord leaves right in front of us on a moment-by- moment basis…and all the while without contradicting the litmus test of scripture.

Like our hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell, our mind, body and spirit were always meant to experience God’s presence and to commune with Him like Adam and Eve and to be as close to Jesus as was John when he rested on Christ’s breast.

Through daily devotionals, books, screenplays, songs, podcasts, teachings and talks, LaCosta follows the clues and cues of heaven and invites along the parched and the hungry.

It’s “sensory apologetics” that are so accessible and as close as your ears, eyes, tongue, fingertips and nose.

We teach our kids to use their five senses. Why wouldn’t God instruct his children in the same manner?

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