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Bio: Robert LaCosta

Robert J. LaCosta is a prolific inspirational Christian writer.

“My work is really my personal journal sometimes set to music or manifested as a story,” he says.

Gamaliel’s Advice – Taking Down God is his third book. He also has written a companion screenplay for this work. A composite fictional novel, it borrows from true events, a host of religious liberty cases and focuses on the longest-running lawsuit in the history of the United States with regard to faith symbols. LaCosta developed the characters and plot over a span of 15 years.

His first novel, Like Father, Like Son, is a “fifth-gospel-style” narrative that continues to touch thousands through its simple parabolic form that traces the love of a son for his father.

He is also well known for the creation of the world’s first StoryJournal™, The King’s Favorite Book, an allegory on the importance that God places on each of our prayers…an unforgettable 500-word story that leads into two-way journaling with God.

LaCosta is the founder, creator and editor of journalwithGod.com, a free website that leads people into “talking with – not at – God. A mobile application is also available.

His blog, “Beloved Blogger,” also appears on the journalwithgod.com website.

The author has penned dozens of children’s and short stories as well as the now-retired self-syndicated column, Retiring Retirement and the radio show, Crown of Splendor. The latter two honored senior citizens. He is the creator and former editor of the upstate Senior Source, now The Senior Spotlight, the first and longest running senior citizen tabloid in its region.

As a truly crossover songwriter, he has penned over 2,000 songs in varied musical and lyrical persuasion: worship, country, inspirational ballads, rock, prophetic, gospel, etc.

His public speaking is widely known and he has been the invited presenter to over 700 groups. As a speaker, LaCosta draws from his experience as a Hearing Aid Specialist. His lifelong passion of journaling and his love of God’s word are blended with the natural and supernatural aspects of hearing in his talks, sermons and seminars.

He is the founder of No Reputation Communications, LLC., a company dedicated to publishing understandable and simple stories about the love of God and those works of emerging Christian artists.

Before transitioning to publishing, LaCosta was the C.E.O. of Hear For You, a multi-million dollar hearing aid and audiology practice.

He and his wife, Vincenzina, love spending time with their families and their church family.

Statement of Faith

No Reputation Communications, LLC., the proprietor and creator of this website, believes in “The Apostle’s Creed,” the time-tested “Statement of Faith” of Christianity. Most Christians within the Protestant and Catholic realms believe in this prayer. If you have never heard of this brief proclamation, it is given below. It is a mouthful and, at the same time, offers a lean theological rundown of the Christian faith.

Additionally, it is important to fully grasp, without constantly focusing on, the sin-nature of humans or else we could repeat “The Apostle’s Creed” without the acknowledgement of our PERSONAL grievous offenses against a blameless God. While no statement of faith will scratch everyone’s itch theologically, we believe that salvation can come through no other means but through Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice for sinners. A person is saved through the acknowledgement of their sins and by receiving Christ’s forgiveness for those same sins. Evidence of this experience of being “born” into the kingdom of God is that the person will change from their previous beliefs and actions and become more Christ-like.

Next to God, we look pretty bad. However, we can use that same side-by-side stance to bring us into a wonderful, restorative and intimate relationship. By consistently meeting and journaling with God, we will be drawn to become like Him and this is the essence of the Christian walk: turning away from sin and toward Christ. It’s a beautiful summation of the whole counsel of scripture. The happy ending, if you will!

We believe in the inerrancy of The Holy Bible and in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Trinity). JournalwithGod.com will help its users discover and rediscover the truths of scripture and the magnificent characteristics of The Trinity as each reveals Himself in the journaling process.

We believe that God knows the hearts of the true confessors and that God will develop godly character in them through the power of the Holy Spirit living within them. It is quite doubtful that the Holy Spirit is truly living in someone whose life and behavior never moves toward the nature of Jesus Christ. A true conviction and sorrow for our ungodly thoughts and actions is inevitable for those who allow Jesus into their heart. The purity of the Holy Spirit cannot coexist with a willful and consistent rebellious spirit against God. This is where the concept of “free will” comes in.

JournalwithGod.com is an effective means for people to “hear” from God through all of the teachings, helps and safeguards contained herein, which most notably include and relate to the adherence to the commands of Jesus Christ.

The Apostles’ Creed:
I believe in God,
the Father almighty

creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ,
his only Son, our Lord,

who was conceived by
the Holy Spirit

and born of the virgin Mary.

He suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died,
and was buried;

he descended to hell.

The third day he rose again
from the dead.

He ascended to heaven

and is seated at the right hand
of God the Father almighty.

From there he will come to judge
the living and the dead.
I believe in the
Holy Spirit,

the holy catholic* church,

the communion of saints,

the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,

and the life everlasting.

*that is, the true Christian church of all times and all places